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An incomplete list of the many stars who have entertained us over the years. Some up and coming, some household names. Please browse



Adrian Burns

Alan Barnes

Alistair Anderson

Angus & Ross Theatre (Sherlock Holmes )

Annie Whithead

Arts in Ed Big Band

Birmingham Conservatoire

Bookshop Band

Boka Halat

Bruce Adams


Cavendish Singers


Chinese Whispers

Classic Buskers

Debbie & Nic


Fairgame Theatre Comp.

Chris Harris

Chris Cranham

City Waites                   

Coop, Boyes and Simpson

Croft Band

Eleanor Turner

Emma Kirkby                 

Enderby Band

Fleur de Lys


Graffitti Classics

Gordon Giltrap

Gundula Gruen

Helen Chadwick

Helen Barrett

Helix Ensemble

Isla St Clair

John Amis

Joanne Foster

John Kirkpatrick

John Redbourne 

Kate Dimbleby

Kingfisher Chorale         

London Mozart Players

Lutterworth Town Band

Leicester Recorder Society

Lester Simpson

Men in General


Ian McMillan

Ken Webb

Rob Gee

Roger McGough

Spill the beans Paul Cookson

& David Harmer

Wendy Cope

Difficult to catalogue

Art In Action

Amie Seal

Elaine Pantling

Gabriel Woolfe

Little Pixie Theatre Comp.

Jane Pfaff

Sheila Dibnah

Oxford Touring Comp.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Siyaya Arts

Townsend Theatre

LE8 Five

Vamos Theatre

Virginia Ironside

Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman

Malcolm Goldring and Cavendish Singers

Martin Simpson

Mellstock Band

Musica Donum Dei


Major Mustard

Nigel Corbett


Old Rope String Band

Opera Dudes

Opera on the Run

Oxford Waites               

Pauline Kato

Robin Williamson


Spookies choral

Simon Stokes



Rowena Calvert                  

Sheena Davis

Shirley Smart

Sid Kipper


Sophie Garner Jazz Band

Spilt Milk Dance

Stewart Death

The Jaywalkers

The Kosh

The Arcadians

Tom McConville

The New Rope String Band

The Roving Crows

Tim Stokes

Turntable Junction

Venice Manley

Vin Garbutt

Wigston Band

Yung-Choon Park


Austin Orwin

Andrew Wynne

Barbara Peacock

Diana Fegredo

Diana Wilkes

Ian Risely

Jim Patterson

Joy Norman

Michael Thomas

Tom Hare

Tony Husband

Helen Brewin

Kev Sutherland


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